Sen. Simpson apologizes to OWL for his remarks

August 25, 2010
Ashley Carson
Executive Director
Older Women’s League
1828 L Street NW Suite 801
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Ms. Carson,

My wife Ann and I are in Yellowstone National Park for the opening of the new visitor center, so I only just now have had the opportunity to read your response to my recent e-mail. I apologize for what I wrote. I can see that my remarks have caused you anguish, and that was not my intention. I certainly did not intend to diminish your hard work for the Older Women’s League. I know you care deeply about strengthening Social Security, and so do I, just as deeply. I remember your testimony at our public hearing in June about the importance of retirement security for women. Over the last 40 years, I have had my size 15 feet in my mouth a time or two. To quote my old friend and colleague, Senator Lloyd Bentsen, when I make a mistake, “It’s a doozy!”

Next time I’m in Washington, perhaps we could meet in person, and I could learn further of your sincere concerns.

Most sincerely,

Alan Simpson